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Lucien-Piché/Paraza Pharma Scholarship awarded to M. Joseph Zsombor-Pindera from the chemistry depar

The board of administrators is happy to announce that the 2017 Lucien-Piché/Paraza Pharma Scholarship is awarded to Mr. Joseph Zsombor-Pindera from the department of chemistry and biochemistry of Concordia University. Mr. Zsombor-Pindera completed a D.E.C. diploma in health sciences at Dawson College in 2014 and then joined the chemistry department of Concordia University the same year as an undergraduate student. Mr. Zsombor-Pindera received numerous awards and scholarships including the Louis Daly Foundation Scholarship, the Concordia Undergraduate Student Research award and a NSERC undergraduate research award. Mr. Zsombor-Pindera worked as a research student in the groups of Pr. Forgione and Pr. Ottenwaelder at Concordia University, and Dr. Imre Papai at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. Mr. Zsombor-Pindera's interests are broad and include chemistry, visual arts and Jazz piano! The Fondation Lucien-Piché and Paraza Pharma are extremely proud to support and encourage a young promising scientist such as Mr. Zsombor-Pindera with a 2,000$ scholarship and wish him all the very best in his studies and career.

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