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Renewal of the Sponsorship from Corealis Pharma


The executive committee of the Fondation Lucien-Piché is proud to announce the renewal of the gold sponsorship from Corealis Pharma. We would like to acknowledge them for their generous contribution and for supporting the training of the next generation of highly qualified chemists in the province of Quebec.

About Corealis Pharma:

Corealis Pharma Inc. offers complete in-house services for solid dosage forms (tablets. capsules and granules) formulation development and clinical research supplies manufacturing, packaging and distribution for US, European and Canadian studies. Our experts work with the latest formulation/ manufacturing/ analytical technologies and within a custom built facility that allow them to quickly develop, manufacture and package the clinical research supplies.

About the Fondation Lucien-Piché:

The Fondation Lucien-Piché is a charitable non-profit registered organization which supports outstanding students in chemistry across the province of Quebec. Every year, the Foundation awards scholarships to the best finishing students enrolled in undergraduate chemistry programs. Since its creation in 1987, the Foundation awarded more than 120 scholarships for a total of more than 100,000$.

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