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Lucien-Piché/ThermoFisher Scientific Scholarship awarded to Ms. Monica Lin from the chemistry depart

The board of administrators is happy to announce that the 2017 Lucien-Piché/ThermoFisher Scientific Scholarship is awarded to Ms. Monica Lin from the chemistry department of McGill University. Ms. Lin completed an international baccalaureate certificate program at John G. Diefenbaker High School in Calgary, Alberta, in 2014. During her studies, she received numerous awards including the Alfred David G. Arthurs Scholarship in Chemistry, the Robert Brown Scholarship, the John M. Walkley Jr. Memorial Award, the Canadian Society for Chemistry Silver Medal, the Herbert J. Brennen Scholarship and the Western Canadian Technical Excellence Conference (WesTEC) award from Dow Chemical Canada. In 2014, she worked at Dow Chemical Canada in the analytical Technology Center in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, where she developed advanced methods for the detection of ppb levels of ethylene gas in ambient air by reduction gas detection. She also worked in collaboration with Dow Chemical Canada to develop a protocol for monitoring insulation degradation in electrical transformers. Ms. Lin already has an impressive list of accomplishments that includes three publications in international peer reviewed journals. The Fondation Lucien-Piché and ThermoFisher Scientific are extremely proud to support and encourage a young promising scientist such as Ms. Lin with a 2,000$ scholarship and wish her all the very best in her studies and career.

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